Step 1

Have it ready

on secure location

Upon signing up you and our team will set a secure location at your home or office for picking up and dropping off your garments. This is important because it helps us be more efficient in our route and it allows you to focus on more important things during your day.

Step 2

We pick up

from secure location

Our pick up and delivery hours are from 8AM to 3PM.

We always remind you via E-Mail one day before picking up to have your items ready the next day, If you have something for us to pick up you simply have to reply “YES”.

NOTE: If you don’t reply “YES” to the E-Mail our driver will automatically skip your stop for that day.

Step 3

We drop off

on secure location

Depending on your pick up date your garments will be delivered 3 or 4 days latter.

  • Monday pick up – Thursday drop off
  • Tuesday pick up – Friday drop off
  • Thursday pick up – Monday drop off
  • Friday pick up – Tuesday drop off
Upon signing up you'll be eligible for the following...

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